About us

Using reliable business grade suppliers GGreggistry provides reliable and effective tools to manage our clients domains, website and email hosting.

Founded in 2017, Our goal is to provide business grade infrastructure to the Australian public so their websites and emails are reliable and quickly accessible to themselves and their clients. We are available to help migrate, design and develop more custom solutions to your needs.
GGregistry provides the access to a range of different hosting packages with different specifications.
Our servers mainly cater, PHP, Python and Ruby website frameworks.

You can rely on us to keep you domains safe and your websites up 99.9% of the time!


Account Manager support

Based in Sydney, you can connect up with an account manage to provide support when you need it the most. Say goodbye to support tickets.

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

Reliability and speed using the latest hardware. Built to keep you websites and emails up.

DDos Protected

We ensure your portfolio is secure and protected against any denial of service attacks.

Australian Based servers

All data is stored on Australian servers. Increase speed and accessibility to your websites and emails. If your target market is mainly in Australia then it should be hosted in Australia.

The best