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Published: December 23, 2018

This day and age, do I need a website?

With the rise of social media and many other listing websites in the market, one would question if a website is really needed for their business.

For instance a restaurant could post their announcements on google business, bing business, Facebook and twitter. Post their delicious food on Instagram and place their menu on zomato, menulog, ubereats and deliverroo.  Provide location and opening hours on all the platforms above.

So why would the restaurant need a website? All other platforms belong to other companies, they will display your data and information as it fits them. The restaurant will show up in search engines but there is no control on what search engine optimisation is provided by them and how it will show up.

Having your own website would give total control and would deliver content that you wish to provide to the world in the way you want it to be displayed. SEO can be optimised to they way you want it and show up on the search engine the way you want it. Having your own website will provide a central repository for all the content and functionality for your business with yourself being in control. 


Having your own website is great to provide a centralised hub to who seeks for the information and the best way to optimise the search engine results. All other social media and listing websites shouldn't be ignored but should be part of your arsenal to promote your business to the next level.