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Published: February 17, 2020

How do I setup a business email address?

Electronic mail (email or e-mail) is a communication protocol of the internet. It provides the ability send and receive messages to/from other people. As a business it is recommended to setup an email address so all possible channels of communications are covered.

It is easy to setup a email using @gmail, @yahoo or @hotmail as it is a free service but to increase professionalism, it is recommended to use emails from a domain name for your business. Usually the business name is part of the domain name. For example "John Smiths Turkey Delivery" could be "turkeydelivery.com.au". With an email address of "john.smith@turkeydelivery.com.au" or "contact@turkeydelivery.com.au"

To setup a business email with a domain name you will require two things

  • Registration of a domain name for the business.
  • Email Service Provider

Registration of a domain name

In order to register a domain name you will need to use an domain registrar. You able to use us at GGregistry to register and renew your domain names. Domain name can be register on a per year or more basis. It will depend on the extension that is on the domain. Most popular domains for business would be ".com" and for Australian business ".com.au". Anyone can register a ".com" domain. A ".com.au" will need an ABN to prove that you are an Australian business.

Once you've decided on the extension, you will need to search to see if it is available for registration. Remember to also add the extension ".com" or ".com.au". For examples "yourbusinessname.com.au". If it is available click on the green button to register it now.

Search for a domain name

Email service provider

Once you've registered the domain name, it's time to choose a email service provider that allows you to use that business domain name for emails. There are many providers out there and are all at different prices ranges and benefits.

At GGregistry we can provide licences for Microsoft Office 365 Business products as we believe they provide good value for money. If you require emails and do not need Office suite apps, Microsoft office 365 essentials is the product for you.

Microsoft office business essentials will provide:

  • Hosted email for 50GB and custom email domain adress
  • Storage and share files with 1TB of One drive cloud storage
  • On access to web versions of Office apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote
  • Online meetings and video conferencing with Microsoft Teams
  • Phone and web support from Microsoft

To purchase a monthly subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Business essentials click here.

To view all other Business products click here.

Of course if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.